Perfect Types of T-shirt Design Printing for The Marvelous Prints

The printed T-shirts come with amazing designs for making the customers fall in love with them. While purchasing a t-shirt, there is a requirement to go to the different printing methods involved in the procedure. That said, the t-shirt printing professionals implement different methods.

Have A look at The Distinct Types:

1. Nylon Mesh printing

For this work, experts require the stencil and the nylon mesh. Setting up the stencil held by the nylon mesh is the procedure that also utilizes the waterproof material for blocking the negative space that you want for the design. It is ideal for printing high-quality t-shirt designs and allows ultimate replication of the design. It ensures giving the unique touch and impressive look that the customers will love.

2. Dye-Sublimation

This is the procedure that works well on light t-shirts. Fabrics produced using the dye-sublimation ensure bearing the professional design by the experts. The professionals always use a solid fabric exposed for heat and pressure for turning into gas. The fabric molecules expand, and the gas collects between the gaps for designing the cloth.

3. Direct to Garments Printing

This technique is similar to the screen printing method and is quite popular among hobbyists. There is a difference in the manner that the ink is going to the fabric directly. All you have to do is to specify the design that you want, and then the experts will design it according to the uniqueness and creativity. It is excellent for printing super Complex design and ensures a soft feel on the hands whenever you touch the final design.

4. Heat Press Printing

This is another kind of t-shirt printing that will ask for holding the tape And script just leaving on the design. The method is favorable enough because it is simple and produces an excellent quality design that is appropriate for the full-color print as well. If you are looking for the optimal pressure that will be favorable for delivering Complex design, then this is the one that you should choose.

5. Transfer Vinyl

This is the technique that can make use of the special soft cloth having the cut into the various shapes before transferring them to the fabric using the heat press. In this case, the heat press works in the form of the machine or the iron box for cutting out shapes.

6. Plastisol Transfer

This is the method that is quite similar to screen printing with the exception that it helps in transferring the dye to the screens, and finally, it gives the print on the t-shirt. T-shirt printing is a great quality support system that makes use of the screen printing Technology because it is also economical and ensures delivery of several designs on a single plastisol paper. You can rest assured that it will be creating amazing designs.

Final Words

Expert Professionals of Tee Shirt Printing Singapore can design the t-shirts with the best methods for the sake of efficiency. Sending the design to the printing company and then getting the prints on the high-grade plastisol became the most favorable one. You can also get the simple method that will stick on the t-shirt using the heat press as well.

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